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How To Lose Belly Fat

belly fat

If you’d like to throw away those baggy sweat pants and get rid of the belly fat you’ve come to the right place, because I’m going to tell you (with the help of science) how to get rid of belly fat.

Now what I won’t be doing is telling you to do something extreme, like 1,000 sit ups a day from a pole hanging upside down, because… well, that’s a little difficult. Plus, my tips are actually better.

However, if you do mix exercise with my tips, then the results will be even better. Please remember that belly fat can also be a sign that your health is at risk for other conditions, like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. So not only is getting rid of your belly fat going to make you look better, it’s also going to make you healthier.

Dietitians recommend eating 500 less calories than your daily requirement every day to lose weight, so you’d be losing about 1 lb. every 7 days, which is about 4 lbs. every four weeks. That’s pretty good to lose that much weight without doing any extra exercise – just by eating less food.

You’re probably thinking to yourself “I already know this, everybody knows this. Eat less food, lose more weight”. Of course, you’d be correct, but here’s how you do it properly, according to a study done by Oxford University… which leads me into tip number one: you’re going to have to get rid of snacks between meals – eating three meals a day and no snacks between them. If you do snack, you’re probably not going to hit that target of 500 calories less than your daily requirement.

Tip number two: it’s all about portion size. You don’t need to change what you eat, but you are gonna have to change your portion size.

In one study, participants were told to eat no more than a fist-sized portion at each meal. So what does this mean? This means that you can only have a daily intake of three fist-sized carbs, two palm-sized portions of lean protein, and two cupfuls of vegetables or salad. The participants could also have two fist sizes of fruit, and two servings of fat or oil covering the tip of the thumb. They were also allowed to have 200 ml of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk.

The study group lost an average of over 8 lbs. each over just six weeks. Their average waistline reduced by 2.5 inches. They also showed an average of 10% of their existing body fat being lost, and an impressive 20& reduction in the visceral fat inside the abdomen.

This group lost overall body fat as well as abdominal fat, and saw improvements in their other general health parameters, including resting heart rate, blood glucose, blood lipids, weight and blood pressure.

The study participants were told that they could eat their usual foods, which is great. You can do that too, but that leads us into tip number three: if your usual food consists of high sugary foods or high fat foods (like fast food, for example) then you’re gonna need to avoid it.

When it comes to the results of this study, they’re pretty amazing, but there was also another group in this study who didn’t change their diet, but instead did 10-minute abdominal workouts every day for six weeks – and it had a great result: there was a 1-inch reduction in their waistlines.

So just imagine for a second if you were to mix the abdominal workout group with the diet control group. Think about how much better the results would be.

Hopefully you’ll be inspired and encouraged to try this method out for yourself. I think you’ll be glad you did, and the results will speak for themselves.

Mental Health

A Quick Note on Madness

Best way into this whole can of worms is to look at some debatablemental illnesses“. Homosexuality, pedophilia. Are these, or are these not, mental illnesses?

And once you ask that question, you’re led on to further questions, one of which is trifling, but troubling. Are “mental illnesses” misnamed in the first place? A bodily illness is usually (but not always) something like a virus getting into your body and replicating. You can classify the illness by its cause, it has defined phases, and you can relate it to biology — you can see it under a microscope. Many (but not all) mental illnesses, in contrast — you don’t classify by cause, but by symptoms; there aren’t defined phases; and you can’t relate purely to biology, but have to also talk about behaviour, society, environment and even things like feelings and thoughts.

So, there’s reason to think that “mental illness” or ” mental disease” are often misleading terms. “Mental condition” might be improvement, but, ironically, doesn’t cut it when the condition is in fact more process-like, like a bodily disease.

Anyway, that’s by the by. Yes, there might be problems with language, but most people would probably agree that there is something here that we need to talk about — that, for practical purposes, we can’t get by without a theory of mind and a theory of broken minds. So, onto the next question — what’s in and what’s out? What counts as a mental illness, and what doesn’t?

The instinctive response is to appeal to what’s normal. If it’s not normal, then it’s a disease. But then: (a) some abnormal behaviours/conditions are regarded as good, not bad — like virtuoso ability at piano; (b) some abnormal behaviours/conditions are regarded as neither good nor bad, like a love for fixing old grandfather clocks.

So, if you can’t appeal to normality to define disease, maybe you can appeal to good functioning. If you’re not functioning properly, there’s something wrong with you, and if it ain’t bodily, then it’s mental.

But how to define good functioning?

If you presume to define it according to some standard like “human nature”, then there’s plenty of people who will quibble with you. Any time you make a claim about what’s natural and what isn’t, people are going to argue with you. Human beings are multifaceted, evolving, adaptable.

But if, on the other hand, you define good functioning in terms of how the individual wants to function, then it seems disagreeably subjective — like anything could be “mental illness”. If the individual wants to kill people, but has feelings of empathy that inhibit this, are these feelings an “illness”? (The example is not that unrealistic: German soldiers were advised in WWII to ignore their emotions and do what they intellectually knew was right.)

So what counts and what doesn’t count as mental illness? Seems irreducibly subjective at the end of the day; it’s not pure science, it’s values and agreement.

And all these problems pertain to bodily “disease” as well…


How to Be the Bigger Man

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Perfect Example of a Great Daily Diet

A great example of a day in the life of a healthy eater, showing a great variety in foods and dishes you can choose from. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

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Health- The Secrets of Men’s Health Issues

menshealth2_ifxikxIf you are a man and you are having erectile issues, will you be comfortable talking about it with your friends? Your answer would probably be a no because this is the same concern most men have. Erectile dysfunction is not only a problem with seniors. There are younger men who suffers this condition and they prefer to just keep silent about it and research for solution. This is actually risky and can complicate into something more crucial. Approaching a health professional will definitely shed some light to your concern. There are health supplements which can be prescribed by doctors.

This concern is actually experienced by a lot of men from all over the world and based on studies, there are a lot of factors which may have caused it. One is stressed. If there are so many things in your mind, possibility is, you are not focused on the deed which can really affect your performance. Then there is depression, alcoholism and even the underlying problem in diabetes. These dietary supplements will aid in balancing your sex hormones to bring back that old capability once again. If you check online, herbal dietary supplements are promoted online and many claim that it is indeed effective.Top10HealthTipsForMen

Some come from ginko biloba which is believed to increase blood circulation . There are supplements which contains gotu kola which works the same as the first mentioned and then there is muira puama, known to increase libido and it is said to balance hormone levels. As long as these drugs are approved by the government, you can trust that these are tested but it is still better if you go to a reliable doctor since they know what it may do to you. It is imperative that you prioritize your health and thi includes taking the right prescribed medication.

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Clarifying Fundamental Details Of Health

healthy-man2Men are not really comfortable talking about health problems. If you try to open up a topic in a group of male friends, you can be sure that they will try to steer away from this and redirect it to something else. If men are only as open as women, it will be easier to spread awareness and more of them can get help at the right time. Just like women, men also has health concerns which ranges from normal issues to severe and dangerous. The most common two is prostate issues and erectile dysfunction. The first one is more risky as it can kill any human. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a different story.


There are a lot of prescription given to men who needs help on this area but the number of men running to a doctor for help is only minimal as this concern is considered as an embarrassing situation. There are a good number of men who do not feel comfortable talking about their erectile problems thus they resort to buying products that are promoted online which are not even approved by law. The biggest concern about these medication is that there are no proven tests that shows positive result. Also, the person taking the medication will not be examined by a doctor to find out if there are allergies or negative reactions.949fe261d4b2466fe1e5af03a286d475

Without exact knowledge about the manufacturers, you cannot run after anybody should something wrong happen. As always, prescribed medication is always preferable if you do not want anything to complicate. Sometimes, ED is caused by stress or other underlying cause. With the help of an expert, you can find ways to work around it and avoid taking anything. There are health supplements which can greatly help any condition and this can also be acquired through a doctor.