How to Be the Bigger Man

What’s a Bathmate? A hydro pump? If you’ve never seen of one of these devices, you might be a little curious as to what they do.

Let’s just say that they can make you a far bigger man than you ever were before. But for a more in-depth explanation, you’ll just have to watch the video.

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Created for usable performance and power, Bathmate penis pumps work with water rather than air to generate pressure, thereby eliminating the risks associated with other pumps. While you’re taking a shower or bath, simply fill the Bathmate pump with warm water while sealing it against your body for three sessions of 5 minutes each. It’s that quick and easy.

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Bathmate has been making the world’s most famous penis pump since 2006. But because of the Bathmate’s popularity, many potentially dangerous counterfeits are also being sold, so in order to make sure you’re getting the real thing, be sure to order only through this site, or the Official Hydromax Pump site).